The Air Force Armament Museum -History you can touch

The Air Force Armament Museum-History you can touch. Okaloosa County takes great pride in our local men and women serving Eglin Air Force Base, right here on the gulf coast.   A great way to spread that enthusiasm for our military is to show off our local  Air Force.  Visit the The Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin Air Force Base.  Driving up to the museum at first glance, you are quickly overwhelmed by the size and collection of old and not so old aircraft. There are over 25 planes or helicopters parked and available for you to touch, do a mobile upload, snap chat, or Instagram yourself with an amazing piece of history. Learning about each aircraft and what it is capable of doing will keep you and your family busy for hours.  A plane quickly recognized and named by my crew, the  AC-130 stands tall and wide. We got a completely different perspective of its mammoth  size while sitting on the ground. Seeing it fly above our home or beaches is one thing, this plane is big.  The center piece to the grand collection is the fastest plane ever built, the SR-71 Blackbird. That’s right,  with speeds of 2200 mph, you can fly across several countries in just minutes. The fact that we have such a plane on display right here in our county, shows that we have amazing history coming from our community.  After touching andSR-71 walking around the planes, thinking about the people flying, and working on them, you get an idea of what it takes to be involved. Inside, the Free museum boasts every kind of weapon  you can think of, some date back all the way to WWI. One of the most impressive displays of guns ever seen is right here at the Gun Vault exhibit. I was quickly briefed by a young man on the fire power of the Gatlin Gun. The Gatlin Gun can fire a unbelievalbe  4200 rounds per minute. The missiles and bomb collection, bring weaponry to the next level. We learned about how  the Air Force is developing new technology with improving their tactical air to ground missiles, which seek and find targets with guidance from afar.IMG_2012

The museum is a great place to learn about our heroes and wars including  WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, as well as the history of flying all the way to the Wright brothers.  The Air Force Armament museum has history that should be learned and never forgotten. What an amazing place to visit right here in Okaloosa county. Much appreciation for our service men and women past and present. IMG_2067

Please consider supporting the Education Center being built close to the current museum. The center will serve Eglin AFB, our local community and the Engineers for America Program (EFA). The EFA is a joint foundation together with Okaloosa School District which will promote and inspire Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, for local elementary and middle school students.

Contact the Foundation at 850.651.1808 and support. 


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